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Specific solutions for specific opportunities.


A 10 foot trade show display, designed for 10' x 10' square feet of exhibit hall space, is the basic unit of trade show real estate. About one-third of all trade show exhibits sold are 10' x 10'. We devote close attention to making your 10' x 10' space stand apart from the rest, whether you're using a custom, modular or portable display.



Experience translates to saved time and money.


Multiple booth spaces covering 10' x 20' square feet are typically used in a linear "inline" arrangement along an exhibit hall aisle. They make up another one-third of all trade show exhibits sold. There are as many approaches to differentiating these spaces as there are brands in the world. If you're going 20' or larger inline, we'll make sure your presence reflects your own brand in a highly distinctive way.



Award winning designs that are easy on the environment.


Islands account for the final one-third of all trade show exhibits sold. An island exhibit can be as small as 20' x 20' and as large as thousands of square feet. Islands often have second levels for meetings, conferences or hospitality. Our custom modular concepts scale up to your island exhibiting objectives from small to larger floor plans with upper decks.



High-end creativity leveraged to benefit your brand.


Our displays are designed to be flexible for multiple floor plans. They can be expanded or rearranged rapidly in response to changing markets, new product introductions or corporate growth.



Perfecting services so you don't have to.


Full Trade Show Exhibit Services from ExhibitQuest

ExhibitQuest is a full-service trade show exhibit design company. We can be one player on your team or your sole-source trade show exhibit resource. Either way, customer service is our mantra. Whatever you need, just ask if we can do it. The answer is probably yes.

Our comprehensive showroom is available to you by appointment Monday through Friday. Come get a hands-on introduction to the latest in trade show displays, exhibit lighting, exhibit materials, interactive exhibits, display graphics and system crating. Material samples and product demonstrations are also available.

Trade Show Marketing Consultation

Since 1992, we've been helping businesses achieve marketing success at trade shows and events. We've solved many problems and discovered many ideas. Take advantage of our experience. Let us consult with you on how to succeed in your own marketing objectives.

For example, having trouble setting trade show objectives that are meaningful and measurable? We can help, using Center for Exhibit Industry Research (CEIR) data, survey results, exhibit design worksheets, and tools for budget planning and cost analysis.

Exhibit Design and Engineering

Relentless creativity drives our exhibit booth design and engineering services. Simply, it's the heart of what we do and the reason your ExhibitQuest display will get noticed on the show floor.

Along with distinctive design, we provide engineering support, set-up drawings and meticulous estimating services.

Exhibit Production

Based on our designs and direction, your exhibit booth's architectural components are produced by top-ranked manufacturers with whom we've developed preferred partnerships. Final exhibit assembly and preview is performed onsite in Denver. Display graphics and specialty components are sourced from our select network of craftsmen and wholesale suppliers.

Exhibit Maintenance

Our dedication to your trade show display doesn't end when the shows end. We offer in-house exhibit maintenance, preparation, repair and refurbishment to make sure your display is always ready for the next gig.

Exhibit Warehousing

Put your exhibit investment in good hands between shows and rest easy. Our dedicated warehouse facility features 20' ceilings, climate control, sprinklers and dock-high access.

Also take advantage of our ExhibitForce™ online inventory control, exhibit inspections and pre-show previews. In addition, we provide itinerant storage nationwide.

RentQuestsm Exhibit Rental

Think "repurpose, reduce, recycle" and be budget-wise and environmentally-conscious. With our RentQuestsm exhibit rental program, you can rent, own, rent-to-own, or combine owned and rented trade show display components.

For increased financial and architectural efficiency, use the RentQuestsm rental program in conjunction with ExhibitFlexsm flexible display configurations. You'll be able to expand or rearrange your display more economically to meet multiple marketing objectives or respond to changing business conditions.

Freight Arrangements

You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing we've got you covered along the way. So leave the arrangements and handling of your exhibit to us. We negotiate trade discounts for sea, common carrier, air freight and van line shipments to and from your trade show destination.

Trade Show Services

We know the ropes and venues. We'll corral all of the arrangements and handle all the details of any services you need as an exhibitor.

Tap our show service expertise to manage exhibit space selection, drayage, labor, electrical, catering, cleaning, photography, lead retrieval systems, audio-visual, computer support, furniture rentals, Internet, wireless or wired.

Exhibit Installation/Dismantling

To ensure that your exhibit works as designed, we provide experienced labor supervision anywhere, anytime.

Denver & Colorado Trade Show Exhibit Services

Wherever you're located, contact Denver-based ExhibitQuest. We'll perform local exhibit design and delivery and provide labor and supervision at the Colorado Convention Center or other metropolitan Denver venues. We can also prepare you to exhibit in Colorado Springs, Vail and other Colorado locations. Our labor for the metropolitan Denver area is provided under contract with the Stage Hands Union.

ExhibitForce™ Online Exhibit Management System

Travel a lot? Manage your exhibits online with the ExhibitForce™ exhibit management system.

Just use our client portal to access this state-of-the-art software tool. See your complete inventory of exhibit components and follow where they are and where they will be next. You can also do trade show budgets and program analysis.

The ExhibitForce™ exhibit management capability is the best in the world today. Used by discerning and demanding clients worldwide, the system undergoes  constant improvement to meet your needs.

Exhibiting Green

Learn more about our EnviroQuestsm green trade show exhibit program.

Environmentally-Friendly Exhibiting Practices

You can help reduce your company's carbon footprint by following these environmentally-conscious trade show exhibiting tips: 
• Use lightweight exhibit materials
• Use exhibit materials with high recycled content
• Use exhibit materials low in volatile organic compounds (VOC)
• Use low-energy LED, fluorescent or electroluminescent lighting
• Condense the materials volume to be shipped
• Multi-purpose your exhibit materials
• Recycle or repurpose old materials as much as possible
• Refurbish instead of purchasing a brand-new exhibit
• Consider renting instead of owning a trade show exhibit
• Limit the amount of paper you hand out at shows
• Rethink your show staffing and equipment needs



For a quarter century we have been establishing and nurturing connections with people and businesses for maximum service.


ExhibitQuest Provides Distinctive Trade Show Exhibit Design for Businesses

ExhibitQuest, Inc. is a trade show exhibit design company located in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1992, we specialize in designing distinctive custom modular and portable displays that are flexible, expandable and environmentally-responsible.

A wide variety of businesses -- local and national -- look to ExhibitQuest for their trade show exhibits. ExhibitQuest helps communicate each organization's distinctive character in a strategic, cost-effective manner at trade shows and events.

Attention Denver, Colorado Trade Show Exhibitors

Is a date in Denver on your trade show calendar? Companies outside Colorado that are exhibiting at Denver trade shows call on ExhibitQuest for creative exhibit design and on-the-spot exhibit management.

EnviroQuestsm - Our Commitment to the Environment

Many marketers like you are concerned about the environmental footprint of their business activities. Maybe your company has even adopted a resource conservation mandate. If so, we can help you be a part of the solution in the quest toward a sustainable global environment. Through our EnviroQuestsm program, we'll design your trade show display using the best green building and materials practices currently available in the industry. 

Enjoy the Unique Benefits of a Long-Term Relationship

ExhibitQuest offers distinct advantages to consider if you are seeking a long-term working relationship with a trade show display company:

• Established track record of creative exhibit design
• Attentive customer care from a small company
• Production capability of internationally-recognized exhibit manufacturers
• Competitive pricing through high-volume exhibit component production and a low overhead for our local operations
• Long-term savings from lightweight exhibit component engineering and construction, multi-use configurability and durability
• Financial flexibility with options to rent, buy or combine purchase with rental for custom exhibit solutions

We're Connected to Business

ExhibitQuest staff have been proud members of long standing with these professional business organizations: 
• Business Marketing Association (BMA)
• Exhibit Designers & Producers Association (EDPA)
• Denver Chamber of Commerce
• Colorado Environmental Leadership Program


Developing successful relationships. 



"Spectralink has worked with ExhibitQuest since 2001. Their tradeshow industry expertise runs the gamut, from guiding the booth design process and producing booth/floor banner graphics and table drapes to inevitable tradeshow troubleshooting and inventory management. With their help, we found the perfect 10x20' booth frame many years ago that met all our needs, plus some. We've seen our TCO many times over as we continue to use this booth to this day.


Another appreciable attribute about ExhibitQuest is their resourcefulness, regardless of a show's location and their ability to seamlessly implement solutions. One example is when Spectralink exhibited at a large manufacturing show in Chicago. I arrived at our booth on a Saturday to learn that show management had misplaced our new 10x20' fabric booth graphics - which were never found. ExhibitQuest worked that entire Saturday to implement a solution that worked for my team and the show went off without a hitch after that.


ExhibitQuest's team of expert takes personalization to the next level to ensure that their client's requests are fulfilled and their expectations exceeded."


Kathy May, Manager Corporate Events, Spectralink


"ExhibitQuest has served us well for all of our trade show needs. No job is too big or too small. They are (Valerie, especially) always very responsive and execute on time even when we give them short deadlines."


Molly Carter,  TIMET












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